To Prevent the Spread of Misinformation ‘Search’ Feature Removed From All Major ‘Search’ Engines

Who remembers the good old days of the internet when you could visit a major search engine like Yahoo, AskJeeves, or even Google and actually conduct a search of public websites? It seems those days are long gone. The following information is troubling for many reasons. Here’s one, even those in positions of power in a ‘free’ country believe they have access to the entire public internet and they are likely to use those very same tools to validate or invalidate what they hear. If you’re in the United States or any country where free speech is protected then what I’m about to reveal ought to rattle you to your core.

The Google ‘Blacklist’ Does Not Exist

According to Larry Page(co-founder of Google), who testified under oath in a 2018 Congressional hearing, ‘blacklists’ do not exist. Of course the Wall Street Journal later revealed Google’s internal documents labeled “blacklists”. Apparently a tool intended for removing sites containing child abuse or copywritten material now extends to whatever is classified as ‘misinformation’. Essentially you are not capable of determining what information is trustworthy or reliable so we will do it for you.

Internet giant uses blacklists
Internet giant uses blacklists

Trustworthy Information Sources?

Let me explain what happened. I saw a post from Dr. Peter McCullough which contained a picture of the following headline, “Israeli hospital reveals 80% of COVID cases are among vaccinated“. Doing my typical due diligence I went right to Google to review the article for myself. I first typed in the headline without quotes and found nothing relevant. You can see that I refined my search using quotes while confirming that I was searching the headline EXACTLY as written.

Is Google Trustworthy?
Google clearly limiting searches

Not finding anything on Google I then went to DuckDuckGo and received the following result.

DuckDuckGo is also not indexing this article
DuckDuckGo is also not indexing this article

It all became clear when I decided to search for the author of the article, “Yudi Sherman” and discovered that they write for America’s Frontline Doctors. Let me say that regardless of your view on the doctors who lead this organization, we the people, deserve access to opinions they share through inclusion in major search engines. Not doing so creates the obvious risk that anyone who expresses a view running contrary to the technologically elite could effectively be hidden from us completely. Not only that, let me point out that the reputations of these doctors have also been smeared with the aide of the same people who are controlling this information. Who else searched these doctors in 2020? What did your ‘search’ tell you?

Are There Any Trustworthy Search Engines Left?

Unfortunately this post ends on a sad note. Based on my research, there are no trustworthy search engines left. If you are aware of one I would love to hear about it. Below I have attached the result of my searches using the identical phrase done on Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and the lesser known Ecosia. Those who control the information, control the world. We the people must regain control of our world, if not for us, at least for our children and the generations beyond.


Bing Openly Confessed To Removing Results
Yahoo Clearly Endorses The MSM Narrative
Apparently ‘Asking’ Also Will Not Provide An Answer

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