The Cover-up is Worse Than The Crime

As sad as the passing of Lisa Marie Presley it is also sad to discover that she had announced having received a covid jab on March 13, 2022. The reason that her being injected with what is popularly called a vaccine(although it does not meet the legal standard for the word) is reasonably a possible link to her death is because the cause is cardiac arrest. Risk of cardiac arrest has already been shown to increase as the result of the mrna shots. Despite the fact that there is clear evidence that the jabs are increasing the odds of dying suddenly a slew of articles are condemning those who notice the link.

What also ought to concern everyone is how swiftly evidence of the link between Lisa Marie announcing that she got the vaccine and her untimely death is removed from Facebook. Facebook has apparently seen fit to completely scrub Lisa Marie’s profile from the search results. However, thanks to a screenshot, you can clearly see here that she posted she was motivated by the desire to have “a regular life”. She also goes on to mention that she “has no regrets”. Despite the link between the covid vax and cardiac arrest and despite the fact that Lisa Marie got one and experienced the other, you and I are jerks for noticing the connection.

“I have no regrets!” ~Lisa Marie Presley

In case you have any trouble viewing the image, it reads:

“The last two years have been years of significant change in our lives. The COVID-19 didn’t only take our jobs and security, it took our lives.”

“The idea of having a regular life like we used to, going out with family and friends and having quality time with them, motivated me to get vaccinated because I’m not only protecting myself, I’m also protecting others.”

“I can’t lie, I was nervous initially, but I made my decision and I have no regrets!”

“To be informed about how best to protect ourselves and our loved ones is the smartest thing we can do. I chose the vaccine. Why did you decide to get vaccinated?”

“The vaccines prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19. The COVID-19 vaccines are free, even if you don’t have health insurance or aren’t a US citizen.”

“Please visit to join the El Beacon initiative to promote the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.”

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