Sometimes the Truth Seems Ridiculous

Over the years there are a great many things I have been wrong about. However, there are a few situations in which I was right where I feel vindicated. Today I discovered one of them while reading an article about colonizing the moon. The article reminded me of an oral report I gave in middle school regarding space exploration.

Interesting to note was that the assignment was to write a report regarding something controversial. We were not permitted to choose any topic we wish apparently. We were told some topics such as abortion were off limits. I remember being surprised that I could not give a report advocating for abstinence when I proposed it as a topic. Instead I chose a much less controversial subject, I challenged the value of space exploration.

It’s funny to me how people think, or fail to. While I can certainly appreciate the intrigue in space exploration it seems that most people find the suggestion, it best not to, ridiculous. On the surface I appreciate the sentiment yet if you are willing to challenge your thinking a little there are some good arguments against the exploration of space. One of which is mentioned in the article I cited, trash. We now have an abundance of trash which has created an apparent risk to future voyages.

To be clear, I am not now advocating for the end of space programs. In fact, it seemed to me the assignment was intended to be an exercise to challenge our own thinking as well as that of other students. In fact, the assignment forced me to really dig for a strong argument and I was surprised to find some good points. Shuttles produce an abundance of greenhouse games, space programs require enormous expense, and while we explore space we seem to ignore exploration of our own seas.

At the time I remember getting a poor grade based on the overall premise. The teacher was unconvinced and a couple fellow students ridiculed the whole thought. I distinctly remember someone finding the mention of space trash laughable. While I can appreciate that children can be mean, especially teenagers, I felt that I genuinely did my best. Especially considering the lack of available and quality topics. Perhaps my heart was not in it. Ultimately it seems that in a world where children are overly sexualized and space trash is a real threat I’m a little vindicated on a few things.

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