It’s About Time

Not really sure where to begin. The past year has been tumultuous personally and what I intended did not seem to align with what God wanted for me. However, in most aspects it’s better now than what I imagined and in the areas where it currently is not better I suspect God is working all things for the good of someone who sincerely attempts to love him.

I must say attempts because the closer I get to God the more I see how clearly my love for him falls short compared to his love for me. It’s simply incredible to even think that the God of the entire universe desires to have a relationship with someone as undeserving as myself. Immediately the thought comes to mind of someone I had a conversation with about the concept of deserving love. They seemed to question the very suggestion that anyone might be undeserving of love.

To those of the secular or humanist perspective what I’m sharing might sound horrifying. You might be like my friend who claimed, "everyone deserves love." Yet when I pressed my friend for what justified this claim he was left empty handed. He simply could not provide any basis in his naturalist viewpoint for this claim. His position amounted to, "you just do" because "everybody does." Meanwhile all I hear is that he clearly never questioned the basis for his claim and it simply sounds good so it must be true.

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