Facebook’s Most Relevant vs All Comments

Anyone else think Facebook has become too intrusive to be enjoyable? If you are a user like myself who has been on the platform for well over ten years and watched the decline of an otherwise engaging social media site then perhaps you can relate. The site reminds me of governmental microcosm. What started as free expression has bit by bit become tyranny while the majority of citizens seem left with little choice but to endure the awfulness to avoid living alone.

My latest example of how what makes Facebook so terrible is this small example seen from my feed:

NASA Achieve Water Recover Milestone

Facebook seemed to think this story was relevant to my interests and placed it in my feed. It was relevant, I read the article and then went back to see the response from others…

Only One “Relevant” Comment?

Seems weird, right? Have you ever experienced something like this? I know I have. In fact I recently spoke to a friend on the phone(yes people do still communicate like that) and mentioned seeing a somewhat engaging post of hers on Facebook. I pointed out that I was surprised my comment didn’t illicit a response. We both then discovered my comment was hidden is “irrelevant”. By the way, we consider each other close friends who have known one another 20 years. To both of us, it seems the comments of the other are fairly relevant. Kinda surprised Facebook has not noticed.

Back to the NASA post though, let us just see how ridiculous the site has become when it pertains to the filtering of comments(get ready to scroll like I did)…

All of these comments are irrelevant? Additionally it is worth noting that many of the comments have replies, likes, and emoji responses. Not only that but the only “relevant” response was an alternating poop earth emoji comment. Thanks Facebook 🙄

My point in calling attention to this is multifaceted. First, I think it’s important to remind Facebook users to by mindful of what is hidden from your view. Facebook’s goal is not to educate and inform you, it is to keep you scrolling past advertising. Second, a reminder that Facebook sucks and perhaps you and I ought to look elsewhere for social media. Third, I simply despise Facebook and hope to transfer some of my disgust to others. Facebook was perhaps one of the most influential forces in the 2020 covid response and election. The harmful effects of each can hardly be understated. It is frustrating to me that I feel like I have to use the site because so many others are and I help do the live streams for my church there. It seems the only thing that could possibly put an end to the awful Zuckerberg power grip is a mass exodus which he has thwarted repeatedly through censorship already.

In conclusion I pray, Heavenly Father please provide a public shift towards a new social media site where the presence of the Lord can be felt and the power of the people can be reclaimed. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen 🙏

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