Are 15 Minute Cities a Real Possibility?

After the following video, highlighting 15 minute cities, was shared with me

I promptly did a search after about 3 minutes of watching to determine whether this was hype or yet another attempt by elites to create the dystopian future from Klaus Schwab’s wet dreams.

What seems concerning to me these days is there appears to be a concerted effort to delegitimize anything that might inspire valid concerns from the population. It’s almost as if propaganda now has a new, more sinister arm. Even those creating the propaganda might not realize their complicity in supporting the efforts of elites who would love nothing more than to enslave the world to keep us as trained hamsters in their production wheels.

What I refer to is the ready resource library of counter conversation to topics concerning liberty and exposure of government control or elite influence. Additionally noteworthy is the recent addition to the Google search engine that appears to discourage jumping to conclusions on a trending topic. It says "it looks like the results below are changing quickly" like the image below. In my mind this resembles the volume warning I would receive when raising the volume above 80% on my android before my most recent upgrade. Essentially to me these types of measures are set by people who believe you and I need babysitters.

Before you conclude that these people might be genuinely concerned about our wellbeing rather than their own pockets and comforts keep in mind how many areas of life they express no concern about. They are not concerned about us drinking to much, spending too much time on Netflix, Facebook, tiktok, or video games or ingesting mounds of poisonous OTC medication, prescription opiates, or artificial ingredients. Basically these people are only concerned about us when they recognize the risk to threaten their control. Even worse, the elites attract lackeys that are excited by any hope of rubbing elbows with elite crowd such that those lackeys will tell the rest of the world anything in order to protect their standing amongst the elites. Think I’m wrong? Just look at mainstream journalists. What stops these cowards from exposing the same corruption uncovered by outlets like Project Veritas regularly? Those same cowardly journalists have even been caught on hot mic exposing themselves as unwilling to do what it takes to get the word out to us. Telling us how stories were covered up. Excuse me as I have gone off on one of my rabbit trails.

Returning to my point about writers plugging for the furtherance of globalist’s agendas I came across the following article

Written by Thom Waite, who’s writings paint an interesting picture of the man behind the opinion

Thom writes the article largely dismissing any concerns regarding the 15 minute city concept which is an idea that has been given much consideration by social engineers as a residential urban concept. Thom even accurately agrees that the 15 minute city, "will fine drivers using certain roads during peak hours to help develop a “more sustainable, reliable and inclusive transport system”. People will be able to walk, cycle, or ride public transport across the city at all times." After he spends several paragraphs slightly mocking any concerns over this idea.

He includes a few plugs for the proposal such as, “The 15-minute neighbourhoods proposal aims to ensure that every resident has all the essentials (shops, healthcare, parks) within a 15-minute walk of their home,” the statement clarifies. “They aim to support and add services, not restrict them.”

And also draws parallels to any concern about such concepts to the covid measure challenges, "At the end of the day, though, the narrative isn’t much different from the COVID conspiracies we’re all too familiar with, and is built to appeal to the same demographic." Which of course us challengers were correct about in so many ways this author chooses to ignore. His fear of a cold is further evidence of his cowardice and ignorance. Especially considering he likely injected himself with nanoclot technology just to save the world.

Further his article mentions that, "Moreno’s 15-minute city model is also based on increased diversity – meaning both more multicultural neighbourhoods, and more development of mixed-use spaces designed to get people out of the house and more involved in the community. All of this, he says, is enabled by the increasingly online nature of our lives, which make working and meeting remotely easier for many people." Yet he and many others just recently thought it is the best idea to trap people inside to stay away from the scary covid plague that would kill us all.

Thom at least has the integrity to note, "There’s also a concern that slicing cities up into smaller segments could encourage less mixing between different neighbourhoods, and exacerbate existing segregation along lines such as race or class. Others have criticised the lack of focus on accessibility, and the erasure of people who can’t walk or cycle everywhere they need to be." Weird, not long ago everybody like Thom was all about protecting the same people that in the interest of increasing diversity and saving the planet will dismiss at a moment’s notice. Hey Thom, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on death panels and assisted suicide.

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