A Major Blow To Constitutional Liberty

It sounds like on February 27th, 2023 Joe Biden may sign away US sovereignty in a major way. Biden apparently intends to sign the WHO pandemic treaty. This treaty would give the WHO power to supersede US law simply by declaring a pandemic.

The power of an international treaty over domestic laws is not without precedent. Epoch Times noted that in the State of Missouri v Holland ruling treaties supersede state laws and in the United States vs Belmont ruling treaties can be legally binding without Senate approval. This treaty would also override the powers of every domestic US governing body all the way down to the state and local level.

As many of us have experienced, all level of government wielded incredible power over our daily lives simply through the declaration of emergency. Many people fought to secure treatments they believed in, resist those they didn’t, and even worship with fellow believers. While many of us also won battles domestically those lines of defense could soon evaporate without immediate legislative interference. With the stroke of a pen on February 27th, Joe Biden may undo the liberty provide by our constitution and place us at the mercy of an unaccountable international authority.

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